the Age Chronicles Characters of Cast/pe

it is about the Age Chronicles Characters of Cast/pen name/authors who are willing to HELP us with our series (meaning Nick& i)
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 The Age Chronicles Wikipedia

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PostSubject: The Age Chronicles Wikipedia    Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:32 pm

The Age Chronicles Wikipedia is a fantasy series
run by brother and sister nick and Kate laine and a friend named Rachel conti aka liberty-hoffman

who do they portrayed their characters
how to support the series

axehead noble (portrayed by Danny simard) is a legendy commander purelander
noble is loyal, gentle and good friend
weapon: the pure destroyer

Stella star-holder (portrayed by chantal simard) is a second soldier purelander
Stella is loyal like noble but kind of courageous

liberty-Hoffman (portrayed by Rachel conti) trinity-hawkeye's friend and first shooter
former evilarn swordsmaiden
liberty is skilled with her bow and arrow
in book 1&2-liberty and trinity argue because trinity believed in rouge defender
liberty did not

Trinity -Hawkeye (portrayed by Kate Laine) is unit leader for the Purelander army and a former Evilarn swordsmaiden
tiger-blade (portrayed n/a)
faith (n/a)

white ice (protrayed by kirsten weber) is a Icelander second warrior
trinity's friend

blue ice (portrayed by ally I) is a second soldier Icelander and defender's & trinity's
red ice (portrayed by n/a)
black ice (portrayed by nick laine) is a former dark lander merchaine of the dark lord
join trinity and liberty.

green-hope (portrayed by Sarah S) is a evilarn swordsmaiden
patriot's bane (portrayed by ben W) is a evilarn warrior, defender's friend

rogue defender (portrayed by nick laine) is a firelander warrior
blue moon (portrayed by hannah s) is a firelander swordsmaiden
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The Age Chronicles Wikipedia
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